It's been a bit more than five years since I last wrote a blog post for this site. I had a few major stints writing for this site, namely when I travelled prior to B-School in 2007, when I started FinTechIsrael! Meetup while at Greylock in 2009, at the tail end of my time with StockTwits in 2011/2012.

Over the last five years, i've been working in environments that highly discouraged personal blogging - while I did write for internal blogs, I was not able to share with the wider community.

I just left Cross River Bank in mid-February after nearly 3 years of working on the latest iteration of a consumer banking project I began as Bowery Financial in Dec 2013. I've got some time on my hands, and felt it would be good to reflect and share some thoughts with anyone interested in getting my perspective.

My goal is to post something each day, however short, just to get a rhythm going. Here's hoping to hit tomorrow's deadline and go from there!

Over and out...