Wednesday, after nearly 80% recovery I decided to venture out with Howard. Around 2pm, we began a walk to the Galata Tower, which has excellent views of the whole city. Istanbul truly is a city of contrasts, with a heavy presence of both the old-style Muslim cities that I had seen in Egypt and Morocco, and European elegance/convenience/modernism. Thus, there's a good public transportation system (trams and subways), good restaurants and bars, along with the "call to prayer" chants via loudspeaker, coming from the various mosques. It's pretty interesting. Here's some photos from the tower:

After the tower, Howard and I travelled to a more modern part of the city, on our way to the nice kosher restaurant in town, Carne. On our way, we passed the Cultural Center, where I noticed that a Michael Bolton concert was on the board. I guess they like Michael Bolton on this side of the world!

Carne is the cleanest and nicest kosher restaurant I have been to in a while. The restaurant serves real Sephardi food (Howard had Lachmagin). It was really quite good. Following dinner, I went back to the hotel to rest, with the plan of seeing a few key sites on Thursday...

Carne Entrance