My Friday was particularly interesting... I travelled in the morning back to Shenzhen to pick up our suits. We were both a bit concerned about getting them via our tailor's transport guy who would drop it off at the hotel for $10 USD. I wanted to verify the pickup, and since I had a multi-entry visa, agreed to travel alone back to the abyss... At Shenzhen, I picked up two "Ralph Lauren" polos for about $30 USD, an ipod case for $3USD, a replacement bag strap for Howard's bag for $3USD, and two "Mont Blanc" pens for $6USD. Then I picked up the suits, and let me tell you, the extra fitting was huge. These suits looked awesome... Not a bad morning...

I met Howard at the DHL in Mong Kok trainstation, which had a student rate for packages sent to Singapore. A 5kg package (roughly 10 lbs) would cost about $40 USD and get to Singapore in a day. Given that we needed to drop weight in our bags for our flights through Thailand (15kg max, which is pretty low, especially when Howard's bag alone is 7kg), we packed the suits and random items into the boxes and shipped them off.

After the shipping, we travelled off to the Monastary of the 10,000 Buddhas, which is on the northern end of Kowloon. We reached it by KCR (the train to Shenzhen). This was an amazing buddhist temple, with a massive staircase housing hundreds of buddha statues showing different faces and accents. At the top, the temple is very elegant with many smaller buddhas from floor to ceiling. Additionally, there are several buddha statues on the top platform, along with a beautiful pagoda. It's an amazing place and the amazing craftmanship of the buddha statues is quite breathtaking.

Shabbat was quiet... We rested from our long journeys thus far and reflected on our next few weeks in China and Thailand.