These last few weeks have been a total blur... I've been putting off writing this blog, in part because I felt that I had too much going on and in part because I was concerned that this would symbolize the end of my 4 year stint in NYC following Cornell (and my nearly 26 yr stint in New York) as I embark on a new adventure.

Well, the time has finally come. With only 40 minutes to go before I need to leave for the airport, I've decided to note some of my thoughts on life in NYC and my expectations for the year ahead.

First and foremost, I have loved living in the greatest city in the world for the last several years. Where else can you find a grocery store that will deliver groceries at 3am? I have loved living on the Upper West Side and participating in several cultural and spiritual activities in the Jewish Community. Again, here too NYC is unique, with a large, diverse and relatively open community where nearly everyone can find a brand of Judaism that is meaningful to them. I have truly appreciated participating in several synagogue services on the UWS, particularly at Bnai Jeshurun on 88th as well as communal activities, such as the Tikkun Leil Shavuot program at the JCC. While I know the community will not be as large or likely as vibrant in Singapore and Southeast Asia, I do look forward to participating there as well.

Last Sunday, I had the chance to go to the Idan Raichel Project concert at Central Park's Summer Stage. It was am amazing concert, with a great cover reggae band. The brilliance of Idan Raichel is the positive, simple messages in their songs and the use of Amharaic and Hebrew together to bring an exotic flavor to the music. Since last year I've had their music (thanks to iTunes) and hope to continue adding to that collection in Israel and abroad.

My work at Opera Solutions has been an amazing experience. I truly love the people and the work that we do. At my going away party on Saturday night, i'm glad to say that nearly half of all attendees were Operaites. Great people...

Despite the fact that Management Consulting is a particularly difficult business to be in long-term, due to heavy travel requirements and long hours at all levels, I believe my experience at Opera has convinced me that this could be a great career fit for me. At INSEAD, I will need to further assess whether this is the right place for me, but Opera will always be near and dear to me.

My family is going through quite a transition right now as well. My parents are now the proud grandparents of a wonderful little girl (BD 6/28/07 - Charlotte Louise), daughter of my sister Miriam and her husband Mark. I am sad to say that I will miss much of her first year on earth, but I hope to make up for lost time in the future.

Sadly, I will be leaving many great friends from Brooklyn, Cornell and the UWS. Its amazing to look back and see how much my life have changed since my graduation from Cornell in 2003. I will truly miss every one of them for their uniqueness and talent. Stay in touch and come to visit soon.

Well, its time to go now... I will try to drop another note in the airport prior to my flight. INSEAD is going to be an amazing experience and I hope to share it as well as my travels with you along the way. Thanks again for reading...

Over and out...