As a kid, I had a knack for starting businesses, whether it was running an Earl Weaver Baseball fantasy league in school or building a grocery delivery service in my parents' building.

Post college, I helped build up two small consultancies, both supporting large financial clients, and helping to build the team, culture and infrastructure of these firms. Opera Solutions grew from 50 employees to over 300 during my time there, in part due to my involvement in recruiting and driving internal culture.

Post graduate school, I joined StockTwits to lead the NY office and build a new corporate/institutional business, then led multiple initiatives at Opera Solutions (partnerships and regional) before finally focusing on my own business at Two Sigma Ventures.

Bowery Financial was a concept I worked on from early 2014 through early 2017, as an independent company, part of a joint-venture, and ultimately a division of Cross River Bank.


I've been a startup investor since 2010, focused on early-stage companies in FinTech, Big Data Analytics, and Consumer Internet. I am drawn to visionary founders who are thoughtful about user experience, have developed novel business models and accompanying technology, and are solving a real-world tangible problem in a manner that truly helps people.

I've been an investor at Greylock Partners (Hertzliya, IL), Social Leverage, and Two Sigma Ventures.


I like to advise company founders who are seeking help in defining their business model, improving go-to-market, and designing user-experience. My focus is on helping founders avoid the pitfalls I have experienced or seen others fall prey to.

Wherever possible, I like to connect my advisees to relevant business partners, investors, and advisors.

My full CV can be found on LinkedIn